The Covid-19 Transparency

Photographic works

Signs - Entropy

Land art exploration of lime stone quarry. The Art Museum of Gotland, 2022 (wood, lime stones, objects, photos)

Grey Zone (Bunker)

B7 - Bungenäs, outdoor group exhibition, Gotland, 2012

Die Mauer

La Panamericana

Installation view, from the exhibition Gringolandia at The Art Museum of Gotland, 2010

Safiren / The Safire

Public work not realized

Studium des kapitalistischen Realismus

Two parallel video works, 10 min, 2004-2006


Torbjörn Limé and Bjørn Wangen

Stockalper City

Street Level, outdoor group exhibition, Simplon, Switzerland, 2003

Poetry in Motion

Text and sound work, consisting of the titles for the US atomic bomb tests 1945 to ca 1993, over 1000 pieces 

The Pineapple Project Room / Sparwasser HQ

The exhibition space as a tool for artistic practice – a relational project 1996 - 2008

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Heaven is the source of the light

Polyurethan balls, car enamel, steel, tiles (public work, Trollhättan, Sweden, 1998)